Spotify’s ‘Your Daily Podcast’ playlist recommends new shows you’ll actually like

If you're looking for new podcasts to listen to, then this playlist is for you

Spotify is releasing a new custom podcast playlist to users in Canada called ‘Your Daily Podcast.’

The feature looks to help listeners find new shows and expand their podcast horizons.

It works like other recommended playlists from Spotify, but instead of music, it’s podcasts.

The streaming giant says that its “algorithms analyze your podcast behaviour—like recent streams and follows,” and uses that to present users with other shows it thinks they’ll like.

This can include episodes from shows you already listen to, a stand-alone episode from another show or even a daily news podcast like The Journal.

The service is quick to highlight that it won’t drop users into the middle of a story-driven podcast either. Instead, it will give listeners the first episode or a teaser.

You can find the new playlist in either the top shelf of the Spotify app or the ‘For You’ section. However, you need to have listened to at least four different podcasts within 90 days to generate results.

Source: Spotify