Google Stadia is missing features at launch, including iOS support and Family Sharing

It also lacks support for your old Chromecast Ultra

When Google Stadia launches on November 19th it’s going to be missing a substantial number of features.

A recent Reddit AMA with two members of the Stadia team revealed a lot of the platform’s specifics.

First up, users who purchased the Stadia Founders Edition won’t get their Buddy Pass until roughly two weeks after launch. The Buddy Pass allows Founders to gift three months of Stadia Pro to one of their friends so they can play together.

The platform’s Family Sharing feature won’t be available on launch day either. It’s slated to release at some point in early 2020.

Beyond this, the developers mentioned that while users can earn achievements, they won’t be able to see them until the interface launches at a later date.

Other details that came out of the AMA were that users will need to set Stadia up and that they are only able to buy games with their smartphones. iOS users also won’t be able to use their phones to play Stadia until some undetermined time after launch.

One of the worst pieces of news to be revealed is that Chromecast Ultra owners won’t be able to use their device to play Stadia on a TV until an update rolls out for them “soon” after launch.  That said, anyone who ordered either a Stadia Premiere or Founders Edition bundle will get a Chromecast Ultra that will work with the service.

Source: Reddit Via: GamesRadar