Microsoft’s latest sizzle reels make me want to use its most boring products

You'd be forgiven for not knowing what Yammer is, but damn if it doesn't look beautiful in this video

It started with new videos showing off SharePoint and Windows Terminal. Now, Microsoft can’t seem to stop putting out stunning product videos that make its most boring software look enticing.

The latest videos from Microsoft show off Yammer, Tasks and the Fluid Framework. Again, they all make these rather mundane corporate software offerings look much more exciting.

Take Yammer, for example. Companies use it as a private social networking platform. Microsoft is refreshing it with a new design and improving integration with Teams, SharePoint and Outlook. The new sizzle reel shows off the new design using reams of paper to represent conversations and little buttons to represent avatars. Additionally, the video highlights the program’s new dark mode.

Honestly, it makes Yammer look incredibly fun to use and not at all like the boring corporate social platform that it is.

Similarly, Microsoft Tasks’ video uses glass blocks to represent different tasks. They shimmer and bounce between different Surface products and Office apps. I’ve never wanted to make a to-do list so much in my life.

Finally, the Fluid Framework video, while also stunning, doesn’t really explain what it is unless you’re already familiar with the concept. For those who aren’t familiar, Fluid Framework is Microsoft’s vision for the future of collaborative work.

Instead of compartmentalized apps like Word, for example, Fluid envisions a component-based web document where works can collaborate by adding things like text, graphs and more.

The Verge points out that design agency Tendril produced some of the videos, which show a clear trend in how Microsoft displays and envisions its products.

While the products themselves may not be as exciting as these videos make them out to be, the company is doing an excellent job making people consider them.

Source: The Verge