New YouTube Music playlists round up the top songs and albums of the decade

What's your favourite song of the last 10 years?

To celebrate the 2010s decade coming to a close YouTube music has created 21 playlists that showcase the most popular music from the last 10 years.

Twenty of the playlists are genre themed and range from R&B to Afrobeats. The other playlist is called ’10s Hits’ and are a roundup of 100 tracks that were popular from 2010 to now.

Each subscriber also has nine different genre-based playlists recommended to them based on their listening habits. During a brief search using the keyword ’10s’ I was only able to find a total of 20. I also noticed that refreshing the page also surfaced some different playlists each time.

Alongside these playlists, YouTube Music is also showing listeners a list of 10 ‘Albums of the Decade.’ These aren’t ranked and I found when I refreshed the webpage I would sometimes be presented with different albums.

The 20 genre playlists I was able to find are as follows:

Source: YouTube Music