Samsung Galaxy S11e to feature up to 4,000mAh battery

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series isn’t going to come out until next year, but diligent leakers are already exposing more details about the upcoming series of devices.

GalaxyClub discovered a listing for what the publication believes is the Samsung Galaxy S11e, based on its ‘SM-G980’ model number that’s similar to the S10e’s ‘SM-G970’ identifier.

With its voltage and wattage in mind, it’s believed the battery will have a size of anywhere from 3,730mAh to a 4,000mAh, according to the Netherlands-based publication.

A battery of that size would be quite useful for features like a brighter display, a higher refresh rate and a bigger screen. This would also be a significant upgrade over the S10e’s 3,100mAh power source.

Samsung’s S11 series will likely launch in February of 2020.

Image credit: GalaxyClub

Source: GalaxyClub