Adobe unveils feature that can detect if an image has been altered

This is just one of the many features that Adobe previewed

Adobe has previewed a feature called ‘About Face’ that uses artificial intelligence to determine if a photo has been manipulated.

‘About Face’ can tell you what parts of a face in an image were altered, and is also able to reveal the original image. The feature is able to do so by examining the pixels of the photo.

Adobe revealed a number of additional feature as part of its keynote at the Max 2019 conference in Los Angeles.

The company previewed a feature called ‘Awesome Audio,’ which uses artificial intelligence to improve audio recordings by using equalization and de-noising. It’s designed to make amateur audio recordings sound more professional.

Additionally, ‘Light Right,’ is a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to control the lighting in outdoor scenes in Photoshop. It’s meant to help in situations where controlling lighting difficult.

Adobe has published a blog post detailing all of the different features it previewed at the conference.

Image credit: Adobe 

Source: Adobe Via: CNET