Google adds up to two years of software support to tons of Chromebooks

If you own a Chromebook it will now last you a bit longer

Good news Chromebook users, Google has added up to two years of software support to 135 Chromebook models.

Most Chromebooks only get a few years’ worth of software updates from when they’re purchased, but now Google is extending the lifespan of these notebooks.

The 135 machines that got extended support range from six months to two years, but Android Police notes that most got an extra year added to their lifespan. Not to say that the devices will stop working after they stop getting updates, but rather they’ll just stop getting features.

You can now find a full list of Chromebooks and when they’ll get their final software update on Google’s Chrome Enterprise Help page.

If you’re interested in a Chromebook, MobileSyrup recently reviewed the Asus Chromebook Flip C434TA, which will get updates until June 2026 and the Pixelbook Go, which Google is also updating until June 2026.

Source: Google Via: Android Police