Google’s big smart display, the Nest Hub Max, is now available in Canada

The Nest Hub Max is available in Chalk and Charcoal for $299

Google Nest Hub Max

Google’s bigger, better Nest Hub Max is now available in Canada.

The successor to the smaller Nest Hub, the Max brings a larger display, better speakers and some intelligent awareness to Google’s smart display line.

Aside from the larger screen and speakers, the biggest difference between the Nest Hub and Max is the camera. Unlike the smaller Nest Hub, the Max has a wide-angle camera. While you may feel uncomfortable about having a camera attached to an always-on device, you can disable the camera with a switch on the back, which is helpful.

Plus, the camera allows the Nest Hub Max to respond contextually to users. For example, it uses face recognition to distinguish who is interacting with the device. When it recognizes you, a small bubble with your face appears in the top right corner. Additionally, it displays some personalized results, such as upcoming calendar events.

Aside from recognizing people, you can use the Nest Hub Max camera to video chat over Google Duo or as a security camera through Nest. That latter functionality is also quite intelligent, as it can detect motion and noise and send reports to your phone. You can also check in on your home from anywhere using the Nest app.

Further, the camera enables gesture controls so users can play and pause music with a wave of their hand instead of shouting at the speaker.

And of course, the Nest Hub Max includes all the same functionality as the Nest Hub, such as the ability to play Google Photos albums on the screen, control your home with Assistant, watch YouTube videos and more. Watching videos and listening to music should be a much more enjoyable experience thanks to the improve speakers as well.

If the Nest Hub Max is something that you’re interested in, it’s available now from the Google Store for $299 in Chalk and Charcoal. It’s also available at third-party retailers like Best Buy.

MobileSyrup will have more on the Nest Hub Max in the coming weeks.