Google rolls out Android Auto for phones via the Play Store

For users who can't download the Android Auto app, this is for you

Google is rolling out a version of Android Auto for phone screens. 

9to5Google notes that users with Android 10 can no longer download the normal version of Android Auto, although I have it on my Pixel 3 running Android 10.

That said, Android 10 is supposed to have Android Auto built-in, so users don’t need the basic Android Auto app. If you can’t download the Android Auto app for some reason, then this new Android Auto for phone screens app is for you.

The new app acts just like the regular Android Auto on your phone. It is still in the vertical orientation and uses large type and buttons to make things easy to read and type.

The main reason for this app is to hold users over until the new Android Assistant Driving Mode is ready for the masses. When it is, people with compatible in-car screens will use the built-in Android Auto and people with older vehicles will use Assistant Driving Mode.

Source: 9to5Google