Smartphone sales increased by two percent worldwide in Q3 2019: report

This is the first time in two years that smartphone sales are increasing

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11

Smartphone sales grew by two percent worldwide in Q3 2019 compared to last year, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics, a data analysis company.

Around 366 million units were sold worldwide in Q3 2019, while there were 359 million units sold in Q3 2018.

For the past two years, smartphone sales have been declining as people no longer wanted to constantly upgrade their devices, according to Strategy Analytics.

Linda Sui, the director at Strategy Analytics, says the worldwide increase of smartphone sales could be because customers wanted larger displays. It could also be due to lower prices due to competition.

Huawei and Samsung largely drove the two percent growth. Huawei sales increased by 29 percent, while Samsung sales grew by eight percent. Although Huawei faced regulatory issues, it was able to push its sales in China.

Interestingly, Apple sales fell by three percent. However, Strategy Analytics believes Apple’s sales will stabilize due to the price and demand of the iPhone 11.

Apple’s recent earnings report shows that the company surpassed market expectations with $64 billion billion USD (about $84 billion CAD) in revenue in Q4 2019, which was an increase of two percent.

Source: Strategy Analytics Via: Engadget