SiriusXM radio comes to Google Assistant devices

'Ok Google, play The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM'

SiriusXM radio has now integrated its services with Google Assistant.

This means that you can use Google assistant-enabled devices like the Nest Hub or the Nest Mini to play music stations from SiriusXM.

For instance, you can now walk into a room with an Assistant-enabled device and say, “Hey Google, play Eminem’s Shade 45 on SiriusXM, ” and the device will begin playing the radio station.

SiriusXM even says that later this year Nest Hub users and other Google smart displays will be able to stream SiriusXM video.

The only downside is that SiriusXM isn’t free, but you can head over to the company’s website to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Source: SiriusXM