Facebook’s monthly active user count tops 2.4 billion in Q3 earnings

It seems like most people are using the social network on mobile

Facebook has released its third-quarter earnings report and, unsurprisingly, the company is making a ton of money. The social network’s revenue was $17.65 billion USD ($23.22 billion CAD) in the third quarter.

It made this much money thanks to the 1.62 billion people who log on every day. On average, 2.45 billion people use the service every month. These are nine and eight percent increases over last year’s third-quarter user reports respectively.

When the social networking giant tallies users from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook together, it estimates that it has 2.2 billion daily active users.

Notably, it seems like most people are logging onto the service on mobile devices. The earnings report states that 94 percent of the ad revenue that the service collected came from mobile devices.

Source: Facebook