WhatsApp no longer shows a notification badge for muted chats on iOS

Say goodbye to the distracting red notification badge

WhatsApp icon on phone

The updated WhatsApp for iOS app no longer displays an unread notification badge on its app icon for chats that users have muted.

The fix comes with the updated version 2.19.110 of the iOS app.

WhatsApp’s mute feature is handy for reducing notifications from chats that you’re not particularly interested in. It stops your phone from vibrating and displaying a new message banner once you’ve muted a chat.

Before the update, the red notification badge would still appear on the app’s icon on your homepage for muted chats, which was somewhat distracting.

This update doesn’t impact Android users because they have the option to either select or unselect the “show notifications” tab when muting a chat.

Source: The Verge