Donald Trump wants Apple to bring back the Home Button to iPhones

Looks like the president has upgraded his phone, but we're not sure exactly which model he's using now

U.S. President Donald Trump wishes the iPhone’s ‘Home Button’ would come back to Apple’s smartphones.

Trump seems to have recently upgraded his phone, but it’s unclear as to which model he’s now using. It could either be the XS, XR or one of the iPhone 11 series smartphones. The last time Apple features the Home Button in a smartphone was with the iPhone 8.

In a tweet to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Trump said: “To Tim: The Button on the iPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!”

Trump switched over from an Android smartphone to an iPhone in March 2017, but it was never made clear what specific handset he was using. It’s clear from the tweet though that he did have a variant that featured the Home Button.

If Trump wants the Home Button back, he may have to wait for the rumoured iPhone SE2 to come out, which is rumoured to still feature Apple’s Home Button.

Source: The Verge