Toronto is starting to look towards an autonomous vehicle future

A new plan wants to get the city ready for self-driving cars by 2022

Uber self driving car

A large group of Toronto city staffers and experts on autonomous vehicles have proposed to the city’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee a plan for slowly integrating autonomous vehicles into Toronto society.

The plan begins by stating that it wants to get Toronto ready for self-driving vehicles by 2022, according to reporting done by Electric Autonomy Canada. 

It plans to do this by testing the technology and doing further research into the field of autonomous vehicles.

One of these tests begins with testing a commuter transport at the Rouge Hill GO Station. Electric Autonomy Canada says that this is to look into first and last-mile transportation issues.

One of the more interesting tests begins with looking at automated ways to remove snow from city sidewalks in the winter.

This autonomous vehicle plan is set to be presented before the Toronto City Council on either October 29th or 30th.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada, Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan