Apple falls to fourth place in global phone shipments after poor Q2 performance

Samsung, Huawei and now Oppo all ship more phones than Apple

Apple continues to tumble in the global smartphone market, with the company now shipping the fourth most phones worldwide.

According to data from IHS Markit about the number of phones shipped in the second quarter of 2019, Apple now sits behind Samsung, Hauwei and lesser-known Chinese phone maker Oppo.

IHS says Apple shipped 35.3 million iPhones during the three month period ended June 30th. That equates to roughly 11 percent of the smartphone market.

Oppo shipped 36.2 million phones, despite not being a big player in the west.

Huawei shipped 58.7 million phones despite issues with the U.S. It captured 18 percent of the market and was one of a few smartphone makers that bucked the market’s overall negative trend in Q2. The Chinese manufacturer was able to replace falling international shipments with increased sales in China and followed a strong Q1 performance.

However, IHS analysts caution that the full effects of the U.S. trade ban may be felt later this year.

Finally, Samsung managed to ship 75.1 million phones, cornering 23 percent of the market.

IHS points out that iPhone sales fell at a record pace in Q1 and continued to plummet in Q2, falling 11.8 percent year over year, to $26 billion USD (roughly $34.6 billion CAD).

Analysts suggest customers are opting to hold onto older iPhones rather than fork out for newer, more expensive models. Coupled with Apple’s refusal to make a lower-cost iPhone for emerging markets, the Cupertino-based company has missed some significant areas of the market where other companies have excelled.

Source: IHS Markit Via: Business Insider