Telus offers unlimited home internet on any speed tier on a two-year term

Customers who don't want to sign on for a two-year term can add unlimited to any home internet plan for $15 per month


Telus is bringing the benefits of unlimited to its home internet plans too.

The Vancouver-based telecommunications company announced that unlimited data would be available on all internet speed tiers.

In other words, home internet customers won’t need to worry about going over a monthly usage cap with Telus going forward.

In the past, Telus offered a variety of internet speed tiers with corresponding data caps. If you hit the maximum cap, Telus would charge you overage fees.

Now subscribers won’t have to worry about going over. Telus says new and renewing customers will have access to the new unlimited options across all speed tiers in B.C. and Alberta.

It’s worth noting that Telus includes the unlimited option on internet plans for free on a two-year term. However, customers can add unlimited to any plan for $15 per month if they aren’t on a term.

You can learn more about Telus’ new unlimited options on the company’s website here.

Update 08/06/19 at 7:32pm: Adjusted the headline to more clearly reflect how the unlimited internet works.