Samsung users experience faster downloads compared to Huawei, Apple users: Opensignal


A new Opensignal report indicates that Samsung users “experienced faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei users” across 40 countries.

In Canada, Samsung users experienced download speeds at 55Mbps, Huawei users experienced download speeds at 50Mbps, while Apple users experienced download speeds at 31Mbps.

Opensignal compared phones from different LTE Categories, an industry-standard that reflects the model’s network capabilities. So, of course, smartphones that have a higher LTE Category “tend to be more expensive and support more network technologies.” By comparing different models from different LTE Categories the average isn’t affected.

Opensignal said that the average download speeds that users experienced using a high-tier smartphone ranged from 70.4Mbps in South Korea to 6.6Mbps in Iraq.

Canada was second on that list with users experiencing download speeds at 67.1Mbps.

OpenSignal noted that Apple “has chosen to focus its handset designs on other capabilities such as facial recognition, camera innovation, long battery life and extremely fast application processors and graphics using Apple’s in-house silicon designs.”

On the other hand, “all Samsung and Huawei flagship models for the last couple of years have featured so-called ‘gigabit’ capable modem designs.”

“Apple has chosen to focus on other parts of smartphone design while it settles issues with one supplier, Qualcomm, and acquires the modem assets of Intel, another supplier,” Opensignal wrote.

The report noted that high-tier smartphone users are a “leading indicator of what level of mobile network experience is currently possible in a country.”

It also added that the experience of high-tier mobile phone users indicates “the direction for the overall future mobile network experience for the population of a country.”

Opensignal compared high-tier users and users of mid-and low-tier smartphone users and noted that in Canada those with high-tier smartphones were experiencing speeds 2.9 times faster than mid- and low-tier phone users.

Opensignal collected 117,846,554,241 total measurements every day from 23,352,908 smartphones worldwide. The measurements were collected at all hours of the day, every day of the year, under conditions of normal usage.

Opensignal collected the data from April 1 to June 30th, 2019, the report said.

Source: Opensignal