Android Q Beta 5 fixes fullscreen exit gesture broken in earlier betas

It's now less annoying to exit fullscreen mode

Throughout the Android Q betas, Google has slowly improved on Android’s gesture navigation system. Android Q Beta 5 brings navigation gestures to the best they’ve ever been, and after some time with the beta, it looks like it fixed a common problem as well.

As spotted by Android Police, Beta 5, which introduced many of the best tweaks to gestures, also makes gestures work in fullscreen mode.

In previous versions of Android, if you were watching a video or using an app in fullscreen mode, you had to swipe up from the edge of the display to bring up the navigation buttons so you could exit the app.

In the Q betas, this behaviour changed as Google worked to figure out the best gesture implementation. Before Beta 5, users had to swipe from the long edge of the phone — either the top or bottom in landscape — to show the navigation bar, then quickly move to the short side to tap the back button or perform the swipe-to-go-back gesture.

Thankfully, Q Beta 5 makes things normal again, letting users swipe from the left or right edges of the screen to bring up the navigation bar. Additionally, those using the new gesture system can swipe twice to back out of the fullscreen mode.

Ultimately, it’s a small adjustment, but a welcome one. In the broader picture of Google’s work to bring gestures to Android, this is indicative of a process of small steps towards greater overall change.

Source: Android Police