Virgin Mobile launches $75 10GB plan with overages, ups connection fee to $40

Along with $75 10GB, there are also $50 4GB and $55 6GB plans

Bell’s flanker brand, Virgin Mobile, is the latest carrier to introduce sweeping changes to its rate plan suite.

Following in the footsteps of Koodo and Fido, Virgin has simplified its plan offerings and added a $75 10GB option with overages. Along with the data, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited text and picture messaging.

On top of that, Virgin also has a 6GB plan with 500 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited messaging for $55 and a 4GB version for $50. You can upgrade those plans to unlimited Canada-wide calling for an extra $5 per month.

Interestingly, the carrier has marked these three plans as ‘limited time offers’ on its website.

Finally, Virgin offers a calling and texting package with either 500 Canada-wide minutes for $35 or unlimited minutes for $45, and a 1GB data-only plan with text messaging for $28 per month.

The above prices are all for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) variants of the plans. Those looking to get a phone from Virgin can pick from five subsidy tiers ranging from Silver to Diamond Plus. These tiers offer a discount on the price of the phone but increase the cost of the plan accordingly.

For example, if you do the 4GB unlimited minutes plan on BYOD, it’s $55, but on Silver, it’s $65, and Gold tier makes it $70.

However, Virgin also restricts the plan options based on the subsidy tier. For example, Gold tier only lets customers pick between the calling plan with no data, the unlimited minutes 4GB plan and the unlimited minutes 6GB plan. The Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Plus tiers only let people pick the 10GB plan.

On top of all this, Virgin Mobile has increased its connection fee to $40 for new activations and hardware upgrades. This falls in line with Bell, which recently changed its connection fee as well.

You can see the new plans on Virgin Mobile’s website.