Read faster and more comprehensively for just $13.15 with BeeLine Reader

Reading is an invaluable skill but repeating a line of text when you’re lost in a mountain of text is annoying. If you need to read volumes of text in a college course ebook or keep up with hundreds of work emails, these few seconds of error add up. Luckily, BeeLine Reader will eliminate this problem and improve your reading comprehension for as low as $13.15. 

BeeLine Reader is a simple tool that you can install on your browser to ensure that you never skip a beat while reading. It works by applying a gradient that slowly shifts from one color to the next, and the gradient at the end of one line will continue to the next line, making it easy to keep track of exactly where your eyes need to travel next.

BeeLine not only helps you read faster, but it also has been shown to improve your reading comprehension. You can install BeeLine on Chrome or Firefox to help you read emails, new stories, ebooks, and more. Finally, BeeLine will donate 5 licenses to students in low-income schools with every purchase, so you can improve your reading skills while helping others.

If you’re tired of wasting time reading through mountains of text, BeeLine Reader will help you read faster and more comprehensively. You can install BeeLine Reader to 5 browsers for $13.15 CAD [$9.99 USD] for one year, or sign up for life for $39.47 CAD [$29.99 USD].

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BeeLine Reader: 1-Yr Subscription (5 Browsers) – $9.99

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