55 percent of Canadian parents say their kids spend more time online during summer: study

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Around 55 percent of Canadian parents believe that their children spend more time using devices during the summer, according to a recent study conducted on behalf of Rogers.

The study found that around 72 percent of parents hope they were able to control, monitor or pause their kid’s time spent online.

Interestingly, around 74 percent of Canadians spend at least three of four hours online each day. As usage grows, Rogers believes that Wi-Fi habits are not only important for children, but for adults as well.

Among Canadian homes that have internet service, around 52 percent have five or more connected devices, according to the study. Further, around 57 percent of individuals believe that being online takes away from quality family time.

The results from this study are based on the online responses from more than 800 Canadians. The online survey took place in June 2019. The results are considered accurate plus or minus 2.8 percent.

Source: Rogers