Manulife launches conversational AI assistant in app for millennials

Manulife has announced a new digitally immersive conversational AI solution for its app that aims to serve the needs of millennial clients.

The company says that the conversational AI, called MAI, is a virtual assistant designed to help Canadians develop better financial habits and enhance their financial wellbeing.

MAI can help users keep track of their balances, and can give them insight into their spending habits. It can also help by answering personal finance questions.

The feature is part of the bank’s new digital ‘Manulife All-In Banking Package.’ The AI technology is powered by Kasisto, a conversational AI platform.

“We sought the input of Canadians, user tested, prototyped and reimagined the customer banking experience to offer something you can’t get anywhere else,” said Rick Lunny, president and CEO at Manulife Bank, in a press release.

The company believes it will help customers make better financial decisions through human-like conversational AI.

Source: Kasisto