Ford and TD Bank’s private files leaked online in data exposure: report

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Private files from Ford and TD Bank were exposed on the internet by Attunity Ltd, a company that safeguards both companies’ data, as reported by BNN Bloomberg.

The privacy exposure revealed passwords and network information. It also revealed some of its high-profile clients’ emails and tech designs.

Attunity helps its clients combine their information that is stored in different places together to make it easier to analyze. The company, which is based in Kfar Saba Israel, didn’t lock the data in the cloud and left it visible in plain text.

The information exposed about Ford included details on internet project plans. Documents on TD Bank included invoices and its agreements with Attunity.

Attunity’s own documents were also exposed in the leak. For instance, employee passwords and email backups were also visible in the cloud.

As of now, there have not been any reports of anyone taking advantage of the information that was visible online.

TD Bank told BNN Bloomberg that it is assessing any possible impact of the information exposure. Ford stated that it was not notified of the exposure.

Source: BNN Bloomberg