Google says it’s done making tablets, will focus on laptops

R.I.P. Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate

It looks like Google wasn’t satisfied with the Pixel Slate since it isn’t going to make any more ChromeOS tablets in the near future.

Google was working on two smaller tablets, according to Computerworldbut now the company has scrapped those plans and decided to work on laptops.

A Google spokesperson confirmed these details to Computerworld. 

When MobileSyrup reviewed the Pixel Slate, we thought it was a solid device with a few issues. It’s sad that Google is killing it off since it felt like a product that, with a few more iterations, might have been something really cool.

The silver lining is that we now know Google is working on a new laptop, and since the Pixelbook was so well reviewed, we’re excited to see what Google makes next.

Source: Computerworld