Amazon announces new Kindle Oasis with colour adjustable display

Kindle Oasis refresh

Amazon is updating the Kindle Oasis to add a colour adjustable display to its flagship Kindle e-reader.

Set to launch in Canada on July 24th, the new Oasis features, as mentioned above, a new front light that allows one to adjust the warmth of its display. Taking a page from apps like f.lux, it’s also possible to schedule the feature to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

By adjusting the warmth of its e-ink display, the Kindle Oasis can reduce the amount of blue light it emits. Excess blue light exposure, particularly at nighttime, is believed to cause a variety of health issues, including eyestrain and lack of sleep.

Like the previous generation Kindle Oasis, the new model features IPX8-certified water resistance, making it safe to use in a bathtub or at the beach, as well as dedicated physical buttons for page turning.

In Canada, the base model Kindle Oasis, with 8GB of internal storage, costs $330. Amazon also plans to offer a 32GB model for $360. For an additional $70, Canadian consumers can upgrade the 32GB model to add cellular connectivity.

Pre-order the new Kindle Oasis via Amazon.ca. The new model is available in two colours: ‘graphite’ and “champagne gold.’

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