RBC and Microsoft launch ‘Go Digital’ program to aid businesses’ digital transformations

RBC and Microsoft announced the launch of their new ‘Go Digital’ program, which is designed to help businesses that are facing challenges with their digital transformation.

Go Digital will provide businesses with technology solutions from Microsoft, and financing advice from RBC in order to help them begin their digital transformation.

A report from IT World Canada found that 29 percent of Canadian organizations and businesses are behind in their digital transformation, and have yet to begin their digital modernization.

“Technology is disrupting customer expectations and traditional business models everywhere, and businesses need to adapt to these historic changes to differentiate and lead in the market,” said Greg Grice, executive vice-president of business financial services at RBC, a press release.

Go Digital offers solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud business applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The program is currently available to Canadian food manufacturers, and will expand to involve other industries in the future.

Source: RBC