Microsoft’s next-gen Project Scarlett Xbox works with Xbox One controllers and accessories

Thankfully Microsoft's Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is compatible with Scarlett

Microsoft is slowly revealing more information about its powerful next-generation video game system, currently codenamed Project Scarlett.

The latest news confirms that Scarlett will be compatible with all existing Xbox One Games, controllers and accessories, including the recently revealed $179 USD (roughly $240 CAD) Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

Phil Spencer, the head of all things at Xbox, confirmed the news during Microsoft’s recent Inside Xbox E3 livestream.

“We thought out our design for Project Scarlett, we definitely wanted to make sure that we were compatible across all the generations,” said Spencer during the presentation.

“Not just with the games, but the accessories. It’s really us respecting the purchases gamers have made on our platform.”

Jason Ronald, the partner director of the Xbox platform, expanded on Spencer’s statement in a recent interview with Windows Central, confirming that all existing Xbox One accessories will work with Project Scarlett.

Microsoft plans to launch Project Scarlett alongside Halo Infinite in the fall of 2020. This week the company also confirmed that Project Scarlett will be capable of 8K graphics, SSD storage and also have the ability to ray trace games.

Further, Microsoft says that its new Xbox is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, and that the console will still feature an optical disc drive.

Although the company says that Scarlett supports all accessories, it’s unclear if the ill-fated Kinect 2.0 made the cut since it’s discontinued.

Pour one out for the motion control accessory, yet again.

Source: Xbox