Fiat Chrysler partners with Aurora for self-driving technology

The Fiat Chrysler auto group is partnering with self-driving car startup Aurora to bring the startup’s self-driving technology to the legacy automaker’s commercial vehicles.

Aurora has already partnered with a variety of automakers like the Volkswagen Autogroup, Hyundai and Chinese EV manufacturer Byton.

It’s been building out its partnerships so it can implement its technology, which it calls ‘the Aurora Driver,’ in more vehicle classes. To date, it has worked on sedans, SUVs, minivans, large commercial vehicles and class 8 trucks.

Now, Aurora is expanding its commercial vehicle testing.

Fiat Chrysler hopes to use Aurora’s level-4 autonomy programs to “allow for a variety of customized solutions for commercial vehicle customers at a time when changing lifestyles and online shopping patterns are creating logistical opportunities,” according to the auto group’s press release. 

Source: Aurora, Fiat Chrysler U.S.