Tesla Model S might get an interior refresh in September 2019: rumour

The simple aesthetic from the Model 3 is rumoured to come to the Model S

The current Tesla Model S and X vehicles received a slew of upgrades, such as better drive units, faster charging, and fully adaptive suspension, after Tesla officially refreshed the lineup in late April 2019.

But, it seems that there is another one coming. Sources within the American electric-car company told CNBC that the Model S will get another update, this time mostly in the cabin. Another publisher called Autoblog says the Tesla’s high-cost electric sedan will get an overhauled interior similar to that of the cheaper Model 3, a car that ditched the traditional tachometer for a dashboard-mounted touch screen between the driver and the front passenger.

The new interior of the rumoured Model S refresh will reportedly have a “minimalist look,” and it will get the seats carried over from lesser sibling. Autoblog even says the drive units from the Model 3 will come over, despite the drivetrain upgrade Tesla announced around a month ago. There’s no word yet on changes to the Model X.

Autoblog claims the rumoured refresh comes in September 2019.

Source: CNBC, Autoblog