Digital Wellbeing beta update lets users pick which days to ‘Wind Down’

The latest Digital Wellbeing beta update allows users to select which days of the week they want to enable Android’s ‘Wind Down’ feature.

Previously users could only select the time for Wind Down to start and end. However, the update gives users more control, allowing them to disable the functionality on Fridays and Saturdays, or any of the other days during the week.

According to Android Police, this appears as a server-side patch only after updating to ‘beta version 1.0.2483.’ This means not all users will be able to see the feature at the same time. Those who are in a rush to get access to this feature can download the android package from APK Mirror but do so at your own risk.

Wind Down switches the display to grayscale and turns on ‘Do Not Disturb’ to stop notifications. In theory, this allows users to disconnect and avoid social media and messages so they can sleep or focus. Digital Wellbeing is only available on Google’s Pixel smartphones.

Source: Android Police