Future Samsung Galaxy devices might come with 100w fast charging tech

For the past few years, the Galaxy S series flagships from Samsung haven’t really known for their wired charging speed.

While Huawei and Oppo are putting their respective 40w and even 50w fast charging tech into smartphones, most Samsung Galaxy S10 variants, with the only exception being the S10 5G model, settle on the 18w charging tech that is slow and outdated.

To catch up, the South Korean electronics giant went all in to find a solution. On May 28th, Samsung came back with two USB PD 3.0 controllers for much faster power adapters.

The two chips are called ‘SE8A’ and ‘MM101,’ but no one cares about their forgettable names. The important part is that the two can handle up to a 100w (20 volt x 5 amp) charging speed. On top of that, the SE8A is more secure, and the MM101 can sense moisture and stops charging for safety concerns. For comparison sake, pretty much all the new iPhones since the iPhone 8 come with the horrible 5w (5V x 1A) charger even though they officially support 18w charging.

However, what makes the announcement exciting is the fact that Samsung is hinting these two chips would find their ways into power adapters for future Galaxy phones, tablets, and other power-hungry gadgets.

Also, according to Xiaomi, one of Samsung’s most prominent competitors in China and India, adding 100w lightning fast charging tech to a phone is not science fiction. The Chinese company demoed its 100w charging tech, or Super Charge Turbo, using an unnamed phone with 4000mah battery. The zero to 100 percent charging process took only 17 minutes.

All told, it is hard not to imagine that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 may come with a significant upgrade in charging speed, especially when the rumor mill claims the long overdue feature is in the pipeline.

Source: Samsung, Twitter (@UniverseIce) Via: PhoneArena, XDA Developers