Google’s Messages app hits 500 million downloads on Play Store

Android Messages app icon

Google’s Messages app is excellent, and while it does have some flaws, it’s no surprise that it’s popular. As such, the app recently crossed the 500 million download mark on the Play Store.

What makes this threshold more impressive is that Messages isn’t part of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) package, which includes apps like Search, Chrome and YouTube. In other words, Messages doesn’t come preinstalled on most Android devices, and manufacturers often replace it with their own messaging apps.

Only Google’s Pixel line and Android One devices come loaded with Messages, so likely this 500 million comes from users going out of their way to download the app themselves.

When you factor in the RCS situation, this makes more sense. Some manufacturers, like Samsung, have included support for the RCS format in its texting app, but not all have. Plus, there’s not yet a way for third-party SMS apps to hook into RCS. So, that leaves Messages as the clear choice for those who want RCS support.

Aside from that, Messages offers several other advantages. For one, it has built-in Assistant features, a dark mode and Quick Replies.

Messages also offers a web interface so users can connect their phone to their computer and send messages from a browser.

If you haven’t yet hopped on the Messages train, you can download it for free from the Play Store and try it out.

Source: Android Police