Google is adding Assistant to Android Messages

The digital helper is being added to Android Messages

Android Messages app icon

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Google announced that it’s integrating Assistant into Messages.

This isn’t the first instance Google has injected Assistant into one of its messaging platforms since it launched on Allo, but this time it works a bit differently.

In Messages, whenever you send a text that includes a reference to a movie, restaurant or the weather, Google Assistant will pop-up and provide context. Google says this all happens on-device too, instead of in the cloud. Only Assistant messages that you click on are sent to the Google Cloud.

This contextual popup can appear both when a user mentions something that triggers it and manually from the ‘Plus’ icon on the Messages chat interface.

Overall, this is a neat idea, and it shows the company’s commitment to adding Google Assistant to more and more of its products beyond Maps, Google Home and Android Auto.