Calgary’s CCI Wireless now 2nd largest wireless ISP in Canada

CCI Wireless

Calgary-based Corridor Communications Inc. (CCI Wireless) has acquired Winnipeg-based WiBand Communications, making it Canada’s second-largest wireless internet service provider (ISP) after Bell.

CCI Wireless says it intends to maintain WiBand’s current services, staffing, network, and operations. Specific terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Founded in 1998, WiBand is notable for being the first fixed wireless broadband companies in Canada, while it also continues to be one of Western Canada’s largest commercial wireless internet and data solutions providers.

As such, CCI Wireless says it will leverage WiBand’s decades of experience to serve provide service to Alberta’s 26,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, which it says are under-served.

Further, CCI aims to use WiBand to service hundreds of Indigenous communities, which it notes are even more under-served when it comes to ISPs.

“By following our founding purpose of connecting un-served and under-connected rural Alberta, CCI became the company that made connections possible, wherever they were needed,” says Jordan Young, CEO of CCI Wireless. “With this acquisition, CCI is well-positioned to address not only residential connectivity challenges, but also business connectivity challenges, enabling both business and community to connect to their futures.”

Source: CCI Wireless