Top right display cutouts break Snapchat video calls


Snapchat users with handsets that feature a hole punch display with the cutout on the top right are having issues with video calling.

Reportedly users have noted that the feature won’t let them ‘end calls’ as the button needed to do so sits beneath the display cutout.

Cliff Levine (@v3ktorious) contacted Artem Russakovskii, the founder of Android Police regarding his issue.

Levine discovered that the cutout doesn’t completely cover the ‘end call’ button. That said, if you play around, there’s a tiny area on the button that is still clickable, allowing users to end calls.

This issue will likely affect the S10, S10e and S10+ and S10 5G. However, luckily enough the S10 and S10e have a smaller display cutout which makes the ‘end call’ button easier to tap on.

It’s currently unclear if Snapchat plans to update the app for the Galaxy S10 series or any future device that sports the hole punch button on the top right of the display.

Source: Android Police