This man swallowed an AirPod and it still worked after he pooped it out


AirPods are apparently very resilient and poop-proof.

Ben Hsu from Taiwan somehow managed to eat one of his AirPods while sleeping. Hsu fell asleep with both AirPods in his ear, and then when he woke up the next morning, one was gone.

Hsu couldn’t find the one AirPod anywhere, but when he used the Find My AirPods function he discovered that the AirPod was still in his room. Hsu also heard the beeping the feature makes when you’re trying to locate the wireless headphones, but still couldn’t find it anywhere.

Hsu then went to the hospital and confirmed with an X-ray that the AirPod was passing through his digestive system. Doctors gave Hsu a laxative and told him to look out for the AirPods in his waste, but warned that the accessory’s battery could have ruptured his in intestines. Luckily because of the AirPod’s plastic shell the likelihood of that happening was minimal.

After washing the AirPod and letting it dry, Hsu found that it still worked and had 41 percent battery.

Mobilesyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rouke has accidentally put his AirPods in the washing machine a couple of times but has yet to eat either of them. It’s unclear if he now plans to eat an AirPod for science.

Source: Daily Mail