Rogers Media acquires Vancouver-based podcasting company Pacific Content


Rogers Media recently sold a number of assets within its portfolio, including Maclean’s, Chatelaine and Canadian Business, to St. Joseph Communications for an undisclosed amount of money. Now, it seems that Rogers is hedging part of its future on podcasting.

According to a May 1st press release, Rogers has acquired Vancouver-based podcasting company Pacific Content. The platform launched in 2014 and works with various companies to connect brands “to target audiences through high-quality audio storytelling.”

Rogers notes that “Podcasting is a big part of the future of audio” and cites this belief as one of the main reasons for the acquisition.

Julie Adam, senior vice president of Rogers Radio stated, “Podcasting is a big part of the future of audio. We quickly identified its immense potential and are being aggressive in this space. The team at Pacific Content is a group of passionate and experienced thought leaders and content creators who are at the forefront of this transformational shift in the media landscape.”

Steve Pratt, vice president of Pacific Content, said talks started between the two companies “in the fall of 2018” and that the company will “keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing since 2014.”

Last year, Rogers Radio, which is Canada’s third-largest radio broadcaster, launched a podcast network called the Frequency Podcast Network. The network is home to podcasts such as The Legal Potcast, Moms in the Middle, Black Tea and The Big Story.

According to Canadian Podcast Listener, 26 percent of Canadians tune in to podcasts once a month, with 18 percent listen weekly.

Source: Pacific Content