Google Earth Timelapse is now available on your phone

Google Earth Timelapse is now accessible on mobile phones letting more people explore how humans have changed the surface of the planet over the past 35 years “from the global scale to the local scale.”

Chris Herwig, a geo data engineer at Google Earth Outreach, wrote in a blog post that two more years of imagery has been added, meaning users can see a timelapse now from 1984 to 2018.

The timelapse includes visuals of Dubai’s Palm Islands, the retreat of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier and the urban expansion of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Herwig writes that Google used its cloud platform for petabyte-scale geospatial analysis and gathered more than 15 million satellite images to create 35 global cloud-free images to make up the timelapse.

The update will now be on tablets as well, Herwig said.

“Up until recently, mobile browsers disabled the ability to autoplay videos, which is critical for Timelapse (since it’s made up of tens of millions of multi-resolution, overlapping videos). Chrome and Firefox reinstated support for autoplay (with sound muted), so we’ve added mobile support with this latest update,” Herwig wrote.

Source: Google