Google refreshes search result cards with new visuals, features

The weather card, for example, now sports cartoons showing the current weather

Google is starting to roll out improved search card results in the Google app on Android.

The new search cards contain visual and functional refreshes in most cases. Visually, the latest result cards ditch bold, solid colours for new pastel gradients, coloured tab titles and a slightly different font.

Further, the ‘Follow’ button, which lets you get notifications about a topic, now is positioned on the right side of the card instead of the left. Google also changed the button to include a ‘+’ icon sporting Google’s signature blue, red, yellow and green.

Functional changes depend on the different topics, but generally, the cards include more information and easier access to additional details.

Weather, with characters

Google search weather cardGoogle revamped the weather card with little cartoons showing the current conditions. Further, the search giant made the temperature graph more visible while also shrinking the current conditions.

Interestingly, the ‘Today,’ ‘Tomorrow’ and ’10 Days’ tabs — along with almost the entire card — didn’t respond to touch inputs for me. It seems the new card has a few bugs. I tested it across a few phones and couldn’t interact with the new card on any of them.

Expanded athlete cards

Google search athlete card

When it comes to sports, it seems Google hasn’t made changes to the team or league stats. Instead, it improved individual player cards, such as making it easier to access a player’s last 10 games and yearly career stats.

The change to sports stats wasn’t live on my devices at the time of writing, as things still seem to be rolling out.

Movies, TV, books and more

Google search movie cardFor the most part, movie search cards received a visual facelift to bring things in line with other search cards. Along with the new pastel headers, Google also refreshed the ‘People also search for’ section with sub-categories and better organization.

Google search 'people also search for'Books got useful new tabs like ‘More by author’ that lets you browse other books from a writer you like and more. Music search cards received updates as well, such as a new ‘Members’ tab for bands or a ‘Lyrics’ tab for songs.

Google search books card

Famous people, fictional characters and artists also received refreshed cards. Again, these changes weren’t present on my devices at the time of writing.

Finally, Google refreshed cards for food ingredients, as well as other things — such as searching for ‘Android.’

Google search band card

Unsurprisingly, these refreshes are part of a server-side update. Some of you may already have these search cards, while others — like me — only have a few or none at all. Google is pushing them out to everyone slowly, so you’ll likely see the new search cards in your results soon.

Image credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police