Google sent someone 10 Pixel 3s in lieu of a refund

Even Google isn't immune to making silly mistakes

It’s fair to say Google has some of the most talented and intelligent individuals on the planet working for it. And yet, just like any company or person, it’s not immune to making mistakes, sometimes hilariously so.

On Thursday, Reddit user ‘Cheetohz’ took to the popular social media platform to share his experience with the search giant.

Cheetohz claims they recently returned a defective 128GB Pixel 3 smartphone, only for Google to partially refund them. According to Cheetohz, the firm refunded them $80 USD in tax and not the full price of the phone ($900 USD). What’s more, when Cheetohz bought a replacement in a separate transaction, Google sent them 10 Pixel 3 smartphones, instead of the one they ordered.

Financially speaking, Cheetohz has come out ahead in their interaction with Google. After all, they’re the one with $9000 USD in merchandise, but to their credit, they say they want to do the right thing by returning the other nine phones.

After Android Police first picked up the story, a Google representative commented on the thread and promised to message Cheetohz about the situation. This being Reddit, nine users quickly and kindly volunteered to take the other phones.

What’s the most humorous customer support experience you’ve had with a big corporation? Share the story with us in the comment section.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police