Pixel Launcher’s ‘At a Glance’ widget gets Reminders and ‘Intelligent Tips’

Toggles to enable both Reminders and Intelligent Tips appeared in the launcher's settings, but it seems the new features don't work yet

Pixel Launcher At a Glance widget

One of my favourite parts of using a Pixel device is the little software touches, like the ‘At a Glance’ widget that appears at the top of the home screen.

It typically shows the date and weather, as well as upcoming calendar events and more, making it incredibly useful. What’s more, it looks like Google will add some more functionality to the widget.

As spotted by Android Police, Google is adding ‘Reminders’ and ‘Intelligent Tips’ to the At a Glance widget.

Reminders is a logical next step for the widget, as these are often time sensitive and putting them front and centre on your home screen is a great way to bring something to your attention.

What remains to be seen is where the widget pulls reminders from. Google has several apps that could work here, including Tasks and Keep. My guess is it’ll pull from Assistant, but as a Google Tasks user, I’d love if my upcoming to-dos surfaced in At a Glance.

At a Glance widget

As for the Intelligent Tips, the description that appears in the Pixel Launcher’s settings menu says Assistant will power the tips. It’s not yet functional, so it’s not clear how it works or what it does.

It could be like smart suggestions, such as telling you to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) when you’re in a meeting or surfacing warnings from Digital Wellbeing when you’ve used an app a lot.

The two features are starting to show up in settings, but unfortunately, don’t appear to work yet.

You can check if you have the toggles by long-pressing on an empty space on your home screen in the Pixel Launcher. Then, tap ‘Home Settings’ and tap ‘At a Glance’ to view the widget settings. You should see Reminders and Intelligent Tips alongside the usuals like ‘Calendar events,’ ‘Upcoming flight information’ and ‘Traffic information.’

Source: Android Police