Bell offering 3GB, 5GB and 7GB data bonuses on select plans

You can get a total of up to 14GB of data on new activations and upgrades.

Bell is offering some excellent data deals right now for new activations and upgrades.

Customers switching to Bell, or existing customers looking to get a new phone can get 3GB, 5GB or 7GB of bonus data, depending on the plan they choose.

As usual, when setting up your plan, you’ll need to pick your plan tier first, then calling package and finally your data package.

The first plan tier really only determines the base cost and the discount you get on the phone you choose, if any. Bell’s bonus data is available across its tiers, including Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), Smartphone, Premium Smartphone, Premium Smartphone Plus and Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus.

As for the calling package, this only determines where you can call. All tiers have two options: unlimited Canada calling or unlimited Canada and U.S. calling. The two plans differ by $15 on each level, and prices range from $65 for Canada calling on BYOD at the lowest to $115 per month for Unlimited Canada and U.S. calling on Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus at the highest.

Finally, you can choose your data package, which tacks on top of your calling package. Regardless of what tier you select, the data buckets are the same cost. Further, the data is shareable with other members of your plan.

Bell bonus data

The base data bucket gives you 3GB of data. However, new customers and existing customer upgrading their phones get a bonus 3GB for 6GB total. This bucket costs $25 per month on top of your calling package.

The next step up gives 5GB of data for $35 per month, with a 5GB bonus. Finally, for $45 per month you get 7GB with a 7GB bonus.

Considering the next tier is 15GB for $85 per month, $45 for 14GB is a steal.

Telus ran a very similar deal in March, but it has since ended.