Samsung to launch four Galaxy Note 10 variants on August 8th: report

Note 9

2019 is poised to be a year where a lot of Samsung smartphones get released.

It’s only April and the company has already unveiled 10 devices worldwide, including the four S10 variants. Now it appears that the Galaxy Note 10 will also come in four different variants.

Reportedly the Note 10 will feature two 5G and two LTE models. According to ETNews, the LTE variants will sport 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch displays. The smaller Note 9 will feature a triple rear-facing camera setup and the larger will reportedly sport a 6.75-inch screen. The 5G variants will be very similar to the LTE versions, according to the report, with the main difference being a 5G modem.

The 5G variants will also include minor design changes of some sort, and might not be as small as 6.28-inches.

ETNews also suggests that Samsung will launch these Note 10 devices on August 8th.

Previous rumours indicate that the Note 10 will sport a buttonless design, and also suggest that sales will start in late August or early September

Source: ETNews