HTC unpublished 14 of its own apps in the last three months

Where did HTC go, it was once so great?
and now the company is less than second rate

HTC has reportedly started to get rid of a lot of its apps from the Google Play Store. While Android Police only recently received a tip about the disappearance of its apps, the company has been unpublishing its app for the past three months.

By using App Brain to check out HTC Corporation activity, Android Police was able to discover that the Sense Home launcher, the HTC People app, alongside Dot View, the HTC Calendar app and the HTC Mail app were all unpublished by HTC. Reportedly, some of these apps were unpublished back February, while some were even more recent. The HTC Mail app got unpublished, republished and unpublished again, according to AP. 

It’s odd, considering the HTC Mail and HTC People apps both came pre-installed on HTC smartphones. This means that some users might have still been using them.

HTC will reportedly launch 2019 handsets. That said, so far leaks about the devices have been rather quiet.

The HTC U12+ was one of my favourite handsets of 2018, and I’d be sad to hear if the Taiwanese company didn’t give it a successor.

It’s possible that HTC might adopt Android One on its flagship devices, which would be a good reason to get rid of the need for its own apps. In 2017, HTC launched the HTC U11 Life with Android One in certain regions, so it’s possible.

Source: Android Police