Pixel Themes app APK discovered within Android Q beta 2 update

Android Q comes with plenty of new features and customizations, but the one that’ll likely be easiest to access is the new Pixel Themes app. XDA Developers first spotted the APK within the recent Android Q beta 2 update.

The ability to change the device’s default accent colours isn’t exactly new. This functionality was initially featured within the first Android Q beta. That said, you were only able to change the themes within the developer settings. It seems Google will now launch the app with Android Q, making it easier for users to access.

The Pixel Themes app gives users the ability to change Android’s accent colours to either black, green or purple, alter the font and even shift the shape of apps, similar to OnePlus’ Oxygen OS. Additionally, there are wallpapers within the app.

According to XDDevelopers, each theme has its own codename, ‘Anthony,’ ‘Johanna,’ and ‘Reiko.’

This app and functionality might be new for Pixel users, but Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, HTC devices and more have been able to change themes for many years now.

Android Q itself will likely launch in August or September before the Google unveils its upcoming Pixel flagships.

Source: XDA Developers