Android Q integrates Digital Wellbeing functionality directly into the Pixel Launcher

Users can pause

Digital Wellbeing

A new feature discovered in the first Android Q developer preview suggests Google plans to more deeply integrate its Digital Wellbeing platform into Android.

With help from its community, XDA Developers was able to enable the feature, which allows Pixel owners to access Digital Wellbeing’s pause functionality through the phone’s launcher.

If you haven’t used Digital Wellbeing, the pause functionality allows Android P users to set a daily limit on how much time they can spend with a particular app. Once the user exceeds that limit, Android “pauses” the app, preventing further use until the timer resets at midnight or the user manually re-enables the app.

In Android Q, by contrast, the Pixel Launcher allows users to long press on an app icon to manually pause an app. In this way, users can bypass the Digital Wellbeing app and instead take direct control of their app usage.

It’s not clear if Google plans to make this feature exclusive to Pixel phones, or if it’s something the company will make available to the wider Android ecosystem. At the moment, outside of the Pixel lineup, Android One devices and the Galaxy S10, Digital Wellbeing isn’t widely available.

Source: XDA Developers Via: 9to5Google