Play ‘Snake’ like its 1998 again thanks to Google Maps and April Fools

Play Snake on Google Maps for April Fools 2019

For one day only, Google has revived classic arcade game Snake within Maps.

To access the game on mobile, tap the hamburger menu icon, then tap “Play Snake”. On desktop, visit snake.googlemaps.com.

For the most part, Snake on Google Maps plays exactly like its 1998 Nokia counterpart, the most significant difference being that you play as a train instead of a snake. To that end, there are six cities to navigate — Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco and Tokyo. Unfortunately, there’s not a Canadian city, but there is a world stage.

Perhaps the aptest part of this April Fools joke is that like most of Google’s best projects, you only have a short amount of time to enjoy it before the company kills it off.

Source: Google