Instagram testing fast-forward and rewind feature for videos

If Instagram keeps this feature, it'll eliminate the pain of rewatching videos just to get to a certain point

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

Instagram is testing out a seek bar for videos, according to Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), a frequent discoverer of unreleased app features.

The seek bar gives users the ability to fast-forward or rewind videos manually.


This would be a useful addition, as people normally have to wait for an Instagram video to finish before rewatching it.

It’s a bit odd that this feature hasn’t been included yet, as users can scrub through IGTV, the social media platform long-form video hub.

However, this seek bar is only exclusive to posts. As a result, users can’t scrub through Instagram ‘stories.’

It’s important to mention that this feature has been tested in the past by Instagram.

For example, Jimmy Beck (@theJBECK), Arby’s Digital and Social Media Supervisor, discovered it in January 2018.


Therefore, just because Instagram is testing video scrubbing doesn’t mean that this will end up being a permanent feature.

Source: The Verge Via: Jane Manchun Wong