April’s Pokémon Go Community Day features Dragon-Type monster Bagon

Canada is starting to heat up, so this is a perfect time to get back into Pokémon Go

As the Canadian winter begins to thaw, Niantic has set the next Pokémon Go Community Day for April 13th with a spotlight on the Dragon-Type monster Bagon.

Niantic has yet to unveil what special move the Pokémon will learn if trainers evolve it. In the past, when the company used Dragon-Type moves for Community days, it featured ‘Draco Meteor’ and ‘Dragon Pulse,’ so there’s a chance that we could see the return of one of those two.

During the event, which starts at 3 PM and runs until 6 PM local time for all regions, players can expect the regular three-times experience for every Pokémon caught and three-hour lures.

Bagon was originally from the third generation of Pokemon game, meaning that its home is the Hoenn region. It evolves into Shelgon and then finally into Salamance, which is a pretty powerful Dragon-Type Pokémon.

Good luck, and happy spring!

Update 10/04/2019: The Pokémon Go Twitter account has tweeted out that the special move will be ‘Outrage.’

Source: Niantic